Is it Rude To Go To Bed Without Saying Goodnight?

In many households around the world, regardless of language, country, or culture, it is commonplace to tell your loved ones goodnight before going to bed for the night.

Many people’s goodnight ritual is as simple as simply sticking their heads in the doorways of their children and other family members and saying goodnight. 

For lovers, saying goodnight to each other is also relatively regular before falling asleep for the night. 

But, what happens if you forget or fall asleep before you say goodnight? 

Is it rude to go to bed without saying goodnight? Or will you be easily forgiven? Further, will anyone even notice?

Read on below and explore the full and in-depth answer to this curious question!

Is it Rude To Go To Bed Without Saying Goodnight?

Going to bed without saying goodnight, when you have a habit of expressing goodnight wishes to your loved ones, is very rarely seen as rude.

The fact is that people aren’t robots; sometimes people are so tired, stressed, or otherwise mentally preoccupied that they either forget their goodnight ritual.

The most common reason people who typically tell you goodnight go to bed without saying goodnight is that they are exhausted and simply fall asleep.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, going to bed without saying goodnight rates 3

The main reason that going to bed without saying goodnight rates as “high” as it does on the rude meter is that sometimes it is done with malicious intent.

In other words, we’d rate this one 1 on the scale, if it weren’t for those times that people skip saying goodnight to someone because they are angry or trying to hurt the other person’s feelings.

Why isn’t it Rude?

Going to bed before you say goodnight to your children, spouse, or other people in your home isn’t rude, more often than not.

In fact, it isn’t typically a conscious decision to not tell people goodnight… it just sort of happens.

Normally, people are either really tired or stressed out and fall asleep before they get a chance to tell you goodnight. 

In other words, so long as it is not on purpose, for petty or hateful reasons, going to bed without saying goodnight isn’t rude… it simply proves you are merely a human.

Common Questions

How important is it to tell your partner goodnight?

Telling your partner goodnight is a common practice between lovers, whether you live together or apart. 

Further, between romantic partners, saying “goodnight” is typically accompanied by an “I love you” as well.

Should you always say goodnight before bedtime?

There is no rule that states you must say goodnight before bedtime, let alone always say it on a nightly basis. 

That said, many people do enjoy telling their family, friends, and loved ones goodnight before bedtime (especially children, parents, and spouses). 

Is it weird to say goodnight every night?

There is absolutely nothing at all weird about saying goodnight every night. 

The truth is that saying goodnight every night merely indicates someone’s level of love and appreciation towards those they are telling goodnight to on a regular basis.