Is it Rude To Give Unsolicited Advice?

We all blurt out unsolicited advice from time to time, but what about those of us who offer up our unasked-for advice on a regular basis? 

Is it rude to give unsolicited advice, in general? Read on below and discover the lengthy answer!

Is it Rude to Give Unsolicited Advice?

Giving people unsolicited advice is rude for several reasons. The primary reason giving unsolicited advice is considered rude is that doing so gives you an air of superiority. 

In other words, it is rude because when you give advice to people who don’t ask for it, it seems as if you think you know more than they do, or that your opinion is worth more than theirs. 

How Rude Is it?


Giving unsolicited advice rates 9 out of 10 on the rude meter. If you have common manners, you know better than to give someone advice about something they haven’t asked for it.

The only reason giving unsolicited advice doesn’t rank 10 out of 10 stars is that there are times (as a friend, family member, or lover) when a loved one may benefit from your unsolicited advice.

Why is it Rude?

One of the rudest things that you can do during a conversation with another person repeatedly offers them unsolicited advice. While your advice may come from a place of goodness, the way the other person receives it is a whole different story. 

More often than not, it is seen as hoity-toity for someone to give you the advice you’ve not asked them for.

Other Options to Do Instead

Instead of blurting out unsolicited advice, try one of the following options to do instead:

  • Ask the person you are speaking to if they would care for some advice
  • Point things out, rather than give advice about them
  • Share stories and offer options
  • Drop little hints or ask questions that could lead to your advice
  • Give your advice in the form of a story (without being pushy about it)

As a general rule of thumb, if you aren’t sure if it would be rude to give advice to someone.. hold your tongue!

Common Questions

What types of people give unsolicited advice?

People who give unsolicited advice are typically driven by a compulsion to do so rather than selfishness. That said, many doctors believe unsolicited advice-givers are most likely self-centered people with high opinions of themselves.

Is it a selfish thing to give unsolicited advice?

Sometimes it is a selfish thing to give advice to people when they haven’t asked for it, especially if the topic is personal to you. However, there are plenty of cases where you may be compelled to blurt out advice to a loved one out of genuine concern rather than selfishness.

Is it condescending to give unsolicited advice?

More often than not, it is indeed considered condescending to give people unsolicited advice. Unless you are talking to someone you are very close with (best friend, lover, or close family member), it is practically always better to keep your advice to yourself unless asked for it.