Is it Rude to Facetime in Public?

FaceTime is an app that allows you to communicate with people face-to-face, in any place, at any time, via the internet, a smart device, and an internet connection.

But, is it rude to FaceTime in public? And if so, for who is it rude? For the person, you are talking to, the public in general, or both?

Read on below and explore the full and in-depth answer!

Is it Rude to Facetime in Public?

FaceTiming someone in public isn’t often considered rude, so long as you aren’t disturbing those around you.

That said, the person you are FaceTiming with may find it rude if they weren’t aware you’d be in public while chatting with them.

Sometimes LDR couples FaceTime with each other from public places like a coffee shop or restaurant, as a virtual date.

Even in these situations, the general public is most likely not going to find your FaceTime convo rude unless it is louder than necessary.

In other words, if the volume of your FaceTime is no louder than other conversations going on around you between people, no one will find it rude.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, face timing with someone in public rates 2

Whether you are an LDR couple or someone who keeps in touch with friends, family, or co-workers through FaceTime, doing so in public is considered rude as often as it is simply ignored these days.

The primary reason FaceTime in public is seen as rude is when your phone volume is too high, or you are speaking too loudly for a prolonged period of time (and disturbing other people’s conversations).

Why isn’t it Rude?

FaceTimeing someone while you are out and about in public isn’t rude. 

In fact, people video calling and chatting in public are getting more and more popular these days.

In some countries, like South Korea, or the USA, you’ll find people FaceTiming in public places like bars, pubs, and parks, and on public transit every minute of the day, every day of the year.

The truth is, we now live in a digital age. People communicate long distance, face-to-face, as regularly as people meet in person for “real” face-to-face time.

Common Questions

Is it acceptable to facetime in public?

FaceTiming in public is absolutely acceptable. What isn’t acceptable is carrying on loud enough for everyone within earshot to hear every word you say. 

It is also not polite to talk about politics, religion, and other touchy topics while FaceTiming with someone in public.

Why do people facetime in public?

People FaceTime each other in public for the same reasons people meet up in person out in public… there is more to see, and more to do, out and about than sitting at home.

Some people FaceTime while shopping, while others take their phone to the local coffee shop to sip on a latte while they video chat with someone.

What is proper etiquette for facetime?

There are no real rules when it comes to FaceTime, besides the obvious one: don’t FaceTime while you are driving. 

However, it is considerate, if in public, to avoid speaking loudly as well as talking about controversial subjects loud enough that others can hear.