Is it Rude to Exchange a Gift From a Boyfriend?

In relationships, sometimes, boyfriends are known for giving tons of gifts. Other guys… not so much.

But, what happens when they give you a gift you don’t like or would prefer in a different color or size?

Is it rude to exchange a gift from a boyfriend? Or is it just peachy keen to exchange a gift that your boyfriend gives you?

Read on below and find out the truth to this important relationship question!

Is it Rude to Exchange a Gift From a Boyfriend?

There is very little that is rude about exchanging a gift from a boyfriend, generally speaking.

Aside from very expensive gifts that are easily distinguishable, and particular by nature, most gifts from your boyfriend are perfectly fine to exchange.

The most acceptable reasons to exchange a gift from your boyfriend are that the size is wrong, the color doesn’t suit you, or he made a mistake and gifted you something you just really don’t like, want, or need.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, exchanging a gift from a boyfriend rates 3

The reason exchanging gifts from boyfriends doesn’t rate higher is that the majority of the time it is only the acceptable gifts, like a T-shirt we’d like in a different size, that get exchanged.

It is ok to exchange basic gifts from your boyfriends, such as clothes, video games, and gift cards.

But, when it comes to more specific and expensive gifts like jewelry or family heirlooms, it would be very rude to exchange them for something else.

Why isn’t it Rude?

It isn’t rude to exchange a medium sweater that your boyfriend bought you for a larger size or smaller one. 

Likewise, it’s fine to exchange a wristwatch or bracelet for the same one in a more suitable size (or resize a ring for that matter).

However, exchanging gifts for things that are completely different, or for cash, is more than likely going to be viewed as rude by your boyfriend when he finds out (if he finds out).

Common Questions

What gifts are ok to exchange, from your boyfriend?

Basic gifts, such as clothing, games, and novelty items like coffee cups and jewelry boxes are perfectly fine to exchange for something in a different size or color. 

In addition, gifts that you already have (but your boyfriend didn’t know) are also ok to exchange. 

Does it hurt my boyfriend’s feelings to exchange a gift?

Depending on the gift you exchange, and why you exchanged it, your boyfriend may be very much upset. 

But, in the same breath, he may not be, nor should he be (in most cases) upset about you exchanging.

Do gifts matter in a relationship?

Regardless of what people say to each other, gifts do indeed matter quite a bit in relationships.

That is not to say, however, that people feel the need to “buy” each other’s love.

Gifts, however, do go a long way in proving that you are thinking about them (and love them).