Is it Rude to Elope?

Eloping is the act of running away in order to get married.

Typically eloping takes place when the bride or grooms’ parents (or community in general) is against the idea of the lovebirds betrothing each other.

Further, eloping is typically seen as an act of either true love or young stupidity. But, is it rude to elope? 

Read on below and let’s find out together!

Is it Rude to Elope?

Biblically speaking, eloping isn’t a nice thing to do, and is considered more than rude; eloping is considered immature, rude, and very much wrong. 

But, in the same breath, there are many accounts, in the bible, and other extra-biblical texts that are stories of holy people eloping despite the religious laws against it.

The bottom line? Only you know your own heart, and the same goes for your sweetheart. If you want to elope, go for it! 

In today’s world, no one is likely to stone you or excommunicate you from the church as they would have in the past.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, eloping rates a 5 on the rude meter. That said, rating this one was super hard because opinions on both sides of the eloping argument are equally passionate and firm in their beliefs. 

If you grew up in the church, and are an active member, there is a great chance that eloping will very much be frowned upon by your minister/priest, congregation, and your parents. 

For those who aren’t Sunday mornings and Wednesday even churchgoers, eloping is no big deal in the long run. But, you should ask yourself, do you actually need to run away and hide your marriage? 

Long gone are the days of cruel punishment for those who defy the bylaws of their religions.

Why is it Rude?

Eloping is considered rude by those who have strong religious beliefs, such as those who subscribe to Americanized Christian organizations. In the same breath, it is also much easier to get religious approval for your marriage than it used to be.

That’s why some folks still see it rude to run off to get married “behind the church’s back”. Eloping may also set your parents off into a spiral of depression wondering why you chose to do so without telling them your plans.

Why is it Not Rude?

There is very little to nothing at all rude about marrying the person your heart belongs to, regardless of who agrees or disagrees with your feelings. 

Today, you are free to elope, so long as you are of legal age to be married. Very few people find it rude unless they are heavily religious.

Common Questions

What exactly is eloping?

When two people elope, they are literally running away from their community, maybe even from their state or country, to get married somewhere else. For example, in the USA, many young couples run away to states or cities where the marriage laws are way more relaxed, such as Las Vegas.

Should I feel guilty for eloping?

There is no black-and-white answer to whether or not you should feel guilty for eloping. Generally speaking, there is no reason to feel guilty for marrying someone you love, no matter how anyone else feels about the matter. However, if you have misled people you care about while doing so, there may be some shame that comes along with your new marriage. 

Why shouldn’t you elope?

There are very few good reasons why one shouldn’t elope. But, if you have a great deal of respect in your community, and church, as well as with your parents, you might reconsider running away to get married. Rather, you could get married right there in your own community so you don’t need to feel guilty about lying to anyone.