Is it Rude to Eat During a Zoom Call?

In today’s world, more and more of our lives are centered around this little thing of ours called the internet.

Whether we’re working, doing school work, gaming, or scrolling on social media, we’re online constantly.

Many of us use apps like zoom to communicate with our co-workers, friends, and family.

But, is it rude to eat during a zoom call? Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude to Eat During a Zoom Call?

Eating during a zoom call isn’t always polite, but it’s not exactly rude either.

The fact of the matter is, the circumstances, and how you go about doing your eating, make the world of difference.

If you turn your camera off or turn it away from your face, as well as mute your volume while you are making chewing noises and slurping through a straw, you’re good to go.

That said, if you eat during a zoom call, right in front of your camera, with your mic on, you’re likely going to be seen as rude.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, eating during a zoom call rates 5

The primary reason we rate eating during a zoom call right in the middle of the scale is that it’s considered rude just as often as it’s not.

The truth is that you need probably need to turn your mic and camera off, or risk annoying or offending someone.

If you are on a business zoom call, the camera and mic should be off while you eat, no questions asked. 

Talking to your friends or family, simply muting your mic while your chewing should prevent you from seeming rude.

Why is it Rude?

It’s rude to eat during a zoom call, mainly when you don’t take the time to cut the camera off and/or mute the microphone. 

The fact you’re eating isn’t rude in itself, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to listen to you chewing your food, rifling around with food wrappers, or slurping soda through a straw.

Eating during zoom call meetings (for business) may be considered rude (depending on the company), whether you do it “politely” or not.

Common Questions

Can you eat during a zoom meeting?

Technically, yes, of course, you can eat during a zoom meeting. 

But, that doesn’t always mean that it’s ok (eating during a business meeting is bad manners), or that it won’t be seen as rude.

Before you do eat during a zoom meeting, you may want to ask for permission (unless you happen to be the boss)

Is it ok to eat during zoom classes?

Eating properly is necessary to keep your mind sharp and focused for class, but eating during zoom class is usually forbidden. 

The exception is for zoom classes that are not high-school or college programs.

If you are taking knitting lessons or learning how to do some other skill via zoom classes, and you want to eat without being rude, simply turning off your mic and camera should suffice.