Is it Rude To Compliment Someone’s Hijab?

Hijab is the word for the traditional head covering of Muslim women. 

Most women of Muslim origins are expected to wear a hajib in public from the time the age of puberty onward.

Hajibs come in various colors and styles, some more appealing than others. 

But is it rude to compliment someone’s hajib? Read on below and discover an interesting answer!

Is it Rude To Compliment Someone’s Hijab?

Complimenting someone’s hijab is perfectly fine, so long as the compliments aren’t overly flirtatious.

There are no rules in the Islamic religion that states that complimenting someone’s hijab is forbidden or wrong at all for that matter.

So long as you are as respectful as you would be while complimenting anyone’s clothing, there is no issue with complimenting someone’s hijab.

That said, compliments to hajibs should not be followed up with questions about religion, comfort, or if someone is “forcing” them to wear the hijab.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, complimenting someone’s hijab rates 1

There is nothing whatsoever about complimenting someone’s head covering, whether it is a hijab, beanie, bandana, ball cap, or some other type of hat. 

The main time that it would be considered rude to compliment someone’s hajib is when you include questions or comments about the person’s religious faith.

Further, you should never ask someone if they choose to wear the hijab or if they are forced to do so (the answer is that they choose to, just as many Christians choose to wear crosses).

Why isn’t it Rude?

If someone complimented you on your hat or hairstyle for that matter, would you find it offensive?

If you answered “no”, then you already understand why it isn’t considered rude to compliment someone’s hijab.

The fact of the matter is that Muslim women are simply adhering to their religious beliefs when they don a hijab, and it is fine to compliment the head covering.

Common Questions

How to compliment someone’s hijab?

Complimenting a Muslim woman’s hijab is no different than complimenting a Christian woman’s bonnet, or a Texan’s cowboy hat. 

The best way to do so is to be straightforward with your praise. That said, there is no reason to compliment a hijab if you don’t honestly like it.

Why do people wear hijabs?

Hijabs are a specific type of religious head garb worn by females of the Islamic faith that remotely resemble ornamental scarfs or towels.

Once a Muslim woman hits the age of puberty it is required (traditionally) that she begins to wear a hijab when she is out in public or anywhere others will lay eyes on her.

When do people start wearing a hijab?

Generally speaking, people begin wearing hijabs when they become young adults. By the time these Muslims are full-grown adults, the practice is habitual. 

A traditional Muslim woman, for example, wouldn’t be caught outside her home without a hijab on her head any more than a police officer would respond to a bank robbery without a service weapon.