Is it Rude to Comment on Someone’s Weight?

Most of us have known someone, be they a spouse, friend, co-worker, or family member, at some point or another that has either gained or lost a bunch of weight.

If you are a genuine person that cares about their weight, making a polite comment about their weight may seem the right thing to do… but is it?

Or, is it rude to comment on someone’s weight? Further, what if it is on weight loss rather than weight gain?

Read on below and discover the intriguing answer to this important question!

Is it Rude to Comment on Someone’s Weight?

Commenting on someone’s weight is not a very nice thing to do, generally speaking, it is considered rude.

People’s weight is a very personal and touchy subject more often than not, and commenting on it is a sure way to make said person feel bad or awkward at the very least.

The bottom line is that commenting on someone’s weight is more liable to make them feel uncomfortable than anything… so it is better to skip such comments altogether.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, commenting on someone’s weight rates 7

Commenting on someone’s weight is not suggested because you never truly know how self-conscious someone is about their body.

Even if you are coming from a positive place, and attempting to motivate or compliment the person, you are still more likely to hurt their feelings than make them feel good.

All things considered, it is much wiser to avoid subjects revolving around body weight (unless they initiate the topic, or directly ask your opinion).

Why is it Rude?

Asking someone about their weight is a quick way to make them feel uncomfortable, depressed, or even angry.

The truth is that people are very insecure about their looks, more so today than ever before in history.

Commenting on someone’s weight may cause a mental chain reaction that you never intended (and would probably feel terrible about), rather than make the person feel complimented.

For example, if you comment on how much weight someone lost, or how good they look, they may be just as offended if you told them they look less fat than they used to.

Common Questions

Why not comment on someone’s weight?

Commenting on someone’s weight is not your place. 

Even if you are a spouse, sibling, or best friend, it is not your place to make comments about another person’s weight, generally speaking. 

The fact is, weight is a touchy subject and any conversation about the topic may cause hard feelings.

When to comment on someone’s weight?

The primary time it is ok to comment on someone’s weight is when you are their doctor or trainer. 

Otherwise, even if you are friends, family, or dating, it is proper or polite to talk about someone else’s weight. 

That said, if they bring up the conversation, it’s fine for you to state your opinion.

Why do some people comment on other people’s weight?

Some people do not take into consideration the ramifications of the things they say, including their comments about other people’s weight. 

People comment on other people’s weight to compliment them or shame them, typically. 

At any rate, if you want to remain in someone’s good graces, refrain from weight comments (good or bad).