Is it Rude to Chew With Your Mouth Open?

Chewing food with our mouths open is something that (shamefully) just about every one of us has experienced someone doing, or done ourselves (not counting when we were kids trying to annoy our siblings or parents).

But, is it rude to chew without closing your mouth? Read on below and find out the truth!

Is it Rude to Chew With Your Mouth Open?

Chewing with your mouth open is considered rude in nearly every known culture to man (human culture, that is). So, unless you are another sort of mammal than human, yes, it is most definitely rude to chew with your mouth open.

The sound, appearance, and thoughtlessness of chewing food without closing your mouth are indeed seen as rude by most (and a bit disgusting, if we’re being honest, right?).

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, chewing with your mouth open rates 9. There are few actions as offensive(while sharing a meal or having a meeting with others) as chewing with your mouth open. 

Further, we would have rated chewing food with an open mouth 10 if it weren’t for the fact that sometimes there is no escaping the fact that you can’t breath through your nose and eat (like when you have the flu or a cold).

That said, it also could be worse.  

For example, lip-smacking, dropping food out of your mouth, and talking while chewing with your mouth open is sure to make you look like a slob that doesn’t care about what others think or have to say.

Why is it Rude?

It is rude to chew with your mouth open, period. You don’t even need to be talking while you chew with an open mouth, it is more than offensive (and even highly disturbing to some).

When you chew with your mouth, people can see in your mouth, as well as hear wet squishy and crunching and munching. 

Anyone around when you are doing so may even hear you swallowing and gulping your food and drink down as well, which is surely unappreciated.

Other Options to Do Instead

It is really simple:

  • Close your mouth after you bite into food
  • Keep your lips firmly pressed together as you chew
  • Do not part your lips even a little bit until you swallow
  • Avoid opening your mouth for a drink until your mouth is empty

Common Questions

What is it called to chew with your mouth open?

In some cultures, chewing food with your mouth open is referred to ask “klut” or “klutting”. The root of the word, “clot”, means to block or harden. In other words, “don’t klut your food” means “don’t eat with your mouth open and choke yourself”.

Why do people chew with their mouths open?

People chew with their mouths open for various reasons, primarily these habits develop during childhood. That said, there are times when we all eat with our mouths open and don’t even notice it. When we go to take a drink, wash down the food, or when our nose is clogged and we can’t breathe.

Should I chew with mouth open or closed?

You should always chew with your mouth closed. If for whatever reason, you must chew with your mouth open, you should without question do it away from anyone else. Eating with your mouth open is rude in nearly all cultures.