Is it Rude to Change Out of Bridesmaid Dress?

Picking out the bridesmaid dresses is one of the most exciting processes of planning a wedding for the bride-to-be.

But, what about once the wedding ceremony is over and it’s time for the party? Is it rude to change out of your bridesmaid dress?

Read on below and discover the real answer!

Is it Rude to Change Out of Bridesmaid Dress?

Most bridesmaids end up changing out of their matching bridesmaid dresses once the official wedding ceremony is over. That’s because they want to look unique and be able to stand out in the crowd while mingling with guests and dancing the night away. Generally speaking, it isn’t considered rude to do so.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, changing out of your bridesmaid dress ranks 1 out of 10. However, if you didn’t wait for the man and wife to say “I do” before you changed out of your bridesmaid dress the meter jumps up to an 8 out of 10 unless you have a really good reason.

Why is it Not Rude?

It isn’t rude to change into something more comfortable after the bride and groom have tied the knot. After all, bridesmaid gowns aren’t exactly known for always being comfortable (not to mention those cute but pain-in-the-butt shoes that often go with the dress!).

Other Options to Do Instead

Typically, bridesmaids know what their dresses look like long before the wedding. In fact, in a lot of weddings, the bridesmaids get to try the dresses on at least a couple of times (including during a dress rehearsal). 

That means, as a bridesmaid, you should know how comfortable or uncomfortable the dress is going to be on the big day.

If you have an issue with the dress, rather than immediately changing out of it, consider addressing the issue before the wedding. In this case, at least the bride won’t think you are being rude when you change out of the dress.

Common Questions

What is bridesmaid dress etiquette?

When you accept the offer to be someone’s bridesmaid, you are taking the responsibility to pay for your own dress, accessories, and other costs associated with the role/event. In some cases, the family of the bride or groom pays for the bridesmaid dresses (and will mention this fact up front, most often).

Can I wear an old bridesmaid dress to another wedding?

A traditional white bridesmaid gown may be worn at as many weddings as you wish (especially if you aren’t a bridesmaid this time around!). If you are a bridesmaid, the bride and groom more than likely have special dresses picked up that they expect you to wear. As a wedding guest, you can wear anything formal enough for the occasion, including an old bridesmaid dress.

Do bridesmaids need to wear the dress all day?

No, bridesmaids do not need to wear the same dress all day! After the wedding is performed, and the groom and bride have said “I do” to each other, kissed, and walked down the aisle, bridesmaids typically slide off somewhere private and change into something more comfortable for the rest of the day.