Is it Rude to Cancel a Hair Appointment?

Is it rude to cancel a hair appointment? Everyone has done it; you have an appointment with the hairdresser or barber scheduled for days or weeks, and then for one reason or another you need to cancel.

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Is it Rude To Cancel a Hair Appointment?

Generally speaking, it isn’t rude to cancel a hair appointment. What is rude is canceling a hair appointment with little to no notice before your appointment was scheduled. In other words, so long as you don’t cancel your 3 PM hair appointment at 2:52 PM, you aren’t likely to be seen as rude.

That said, keep in mind that the longer the notice you allow your hairdresser, the less rude or out of-the-way your cancelation will seem. Hairdressers and barbers are relying on their customers to show up on time, and when you cancel with little notice they may be out of pocket.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter, canceling a hair appointment rates 3 out of 10. That said, canceling a hair appointment at short notice rates a 7 out of 10. Hair appointments get canceled and rescheduled all the time, so it’s not a big deal in general. But, if the place is busy, or you call at the last minute, it is considered rude.

Why is it Rude?

Canceling a hair appointment 15 minutes before you’re supposed to be there is considered rude. Unless you have absolutely no other choice, you should always contact your hairdresser and cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Why is it Not Rude?

Canceling a hair appointment isn’t rude so long as you call them well in advance to cancel or reschedule. Failing to cancel in an adequate amount of time prior to your appointment is bound to be seen as rude or at least slightly annoying by your hairdresser.

Other Options to Do Instead

If you aren’t great with keeping appointments, try getting your hair done at a walk-in salon. That way there are no appointments to cancel. You simply show up whenever you have the time during their working hours.

Common Questions

How do you respectfully cancel hair appointments?

Canceling hair appointments respectfully consists of canceling between 24 and 72 hours before your appointment is scheduled with the hairdresser. So long as you avoid a last-minute cancelation, even canceling on the day of the appointment can be done respectfully.

Is it okay in general to reschedule hair appointments?

It is fine to cancel and reschedule hair appointments, though you shouldn’t make a habit of it. Also, make sure that you cancel the original hair appointment at least a day or so before it was scheduled.

How bad is it to cancel hair appointments last minute?

Canceling a hair appointment at the last minute is considered rude and unthoughtful. It also puts your hairdresser at a financial loss if they can’t find someone else to fill your spot at the last minute.