Is It Rude To Blow Your Nose In Public? Here’s What Etiquette Experts Have to Say

Have you ever been in a public place and heard someone loudly blowing their nose? It can be an embarrassing moment, but is it actually considered rude to blow your nose in public? We spoke with etiquette experts to find out the answer–and what they have to say might surprise you.

Is it rude to blow your nose in public?

Blowing your nose in public can often be considered an awkward and sometimes crass act. Although it may be necessary to alleviate a stuffy nose, there are certain etiquettes you should follow when doing so.

First of all, always remember that it’s important to remain courteous to those around you. Even if the benefits of blowing your nose outweigh the potential embarrassment, it’s still polite to take extra precautions and avoid offending anyone nearby:

  • Choose a quiet location away from people.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue or sleeve.
  • Do not make any sound while blowing your nose.

Additionally, try not to over-exaggerate how many times you blow your nose as this could seem rude and inappropriate to others. Maintaining hygiene is paramount; however, don’t forget that displaying good manners is also essential!

Other Perspectives to Consider

Different Perspectives on the Rudeness of Blowing Your Nose in Public
Some people may find blowing your nose in public to be a perfectly acceptable and necessary behavior, while others may consider it to be incredibly rude. Here are some perspectives that can help us better understand how this activity might be viewed from different angles:

  • The Perspective of Practicality: For many people, practicality trumps politeness when it comes to matters like this. If you have an acute cold or allergies which cause you to sneeze and blow your nose frequently, then taking care of yourself while out in public is more important than worrying about potentially offending someone who might not understand why you need to do so.
  • The Perspective of Etiquette: On the other hand, there are those who adhere strictly to etiquette standards and find any type of bodily functions conducted publicly as being completely inappropriate. For them, they would regard blowing one’s nose in public as totally unacceptable regardless of circumstance.
  • The Perspective Of Self-Awareness: Then there are those who recognize the potential for offense or embarrassment if done improperly but still choose to conduct themselves with self-awareness and consideration for their surroundings. In other words, if absolutely necessary they will blow their noses discreetly (using a tissue rather than bare hands) away from anyone else present.

No matter what perspective is taken when considering whether or not it is polite enought o blow your nose publicly, everyone should always make sure that they act with respect for others around them.

Possible Alternatives

No one wants to be perceived as rude, so if you need to blow your nose in public, there are alternatives that can help.

Opt for a Handkerchief
A handkerchief is an elegant way of managing nasal discharge discreetly and with style. This option keeps the contents contained and allows you to easily dispose of it after use. It also eliminates the sound associated with blowing your nose – something that can make people uncomfortable in close quarters like on an elevator or bus.

Use Tissues
Tissues are another viable solution when you don’t have access to a handkerchief. Simply tuck them away until needed, then fold over afterwards or discard appropriately once used. The benefit here is convenience; tissues come in travel packs which allow individuals to carry them anywhere without drawing attention from others.

  • If using tissues, try rolling it up into a ball before discarding.

Defer Until Later
Sometimes waiting is the best option available if trying not manage nasal issues discreetly yet effectively. Most times this means holding off until you reach a private location where no one will notice or be disturbed by any noise created during the process; like when entering your home or office restroom area etc..

Possible Consequences of This Controversial Action

Blowing your nose in public can be a polarizing activity. While some may find it necessary and harmless, others may take offense. Depending on who is offended and the severity of their reaction, there could be several consequences.

First, if a fellow bystander takes umbrage at such behavior, they might give you an icy stare or pointedly turn away from you. If the person chooses to express their feelings verbally then an argument between two parties could ensue, leading to further issues that neither would want to deal with in public.

Second, businesses or establishments where such behavior takes place may not appreciate having it occur inside their walls and choose to admonish or even eject offenders from the premises for causing a disruption of sorts. This could lead to potential lawsuits resulting from wrongful eviction if certain conditions are met; however this is rare as most business owners have clear policies regarding acceptable conduct on-site which customers must abide by.

Third, depending upon who witnesses the event – friends, family members etc – it could cause embarrassment and awkwardness among those involved in social settings like dinner parties or other gatherings later down the line when news spreads about what happened previously.

Overall then while blowing one’s nose in public may seem harmless enough at first glance; its repercussions can extend far beyond simply offending someone nearby at that moment in time making it worth thinking twice before engaging in such activities!