Is it Rude To Be a Pregnant Bridesmaid?

Sometimes we aren’t in the particular life circumstances we’d like to be in when certain special occasions present themselves. 

For example, when we are 9 months pregnant and called upon to be the bridesmaid in our best friend’s wedding.

But, is it rude? Read on below and find out whether or not it’s rude to be a pregnant bridesmaid.

Is it Rude to Be a Pregnant Bridesmaid?

There is nothing in the world wrong with being a pregnant bridesmaid. Even if you are 9 months pregnant, and due tomorrow, it is not rude to be a bridesmaid. 

Further, in the worst-case scenario that complications arise, or the pregnant bridesmaid goes into labor, the wedding story is bound to be even more interesting and memorable!

How Rude Is it?


Attending a wedding as a pregnant bridesmaid rate 1 out of 10 on the rude meter. If someone has bestowed upon you the honor of being a bridesmaid at their wedding, there is nothing rude about accepting the role despite being pregnant.

Why is it Not Rude?

Bridesmaids are among the most honored guests of any wedding. That means these individuals, and their life circumstances (such as being pregnant), are full and well-known by the couple getting married. 

In other words, if you have been invited to be a bridesmaid, the bride and groom know you are pregnant. There is nothing wrong or rude about accepting the invitation. In fact, refusing to be a bridesmaid due to your pregnancy may be considered rude.

Other Options to Do Instead

If for whatever reason, you are uncomfortable with being a pregnant bridesmaid (such as a complicated pregnancy, or the bride or groom not being able to have children of their own), the only real option is to graciously turn down the offer right away. 

How you decide to explain things to the bride and groom is up to you, as you know them best. That said, honesty is always the best policy. 

Keep in mind that you can always show up for the reception, or offer to attend the wedding as a regular guest in case you need to sit the entire time, arrive late, or leave early.

Common Questions

Is it ok to be a pregnant bridesmaid?

It is more than ok to be a pregnant bridesmaid. If the bride and groom have asked you to be a bridesmaid, knowing you are pregnant, there is nothing wrong, rude, or inconsiderate about accepting the role. Declining the role, however, could be seen as rude.

How do you handle a pregnant bridesmaid?

Having a pregnant bridesmaid is really no complicated matter. For the most part, the pregnant bridesmaid knows all of her special needs, has accounted for them and can handle herself. That said, basing your seating plan, and other wedding coordination with your pregnant bridesmaid in mind does help make things go smoother for everyone involved.

Can you alter a bridesmaid dress for pregnancy?

Yes, of course, you can alter a bridesmaid dress for a pregnant woman. However, it may not be easy (or inexpensive). A talented seamstress is suggested if you want your bridesmaid’s dress to be altered perfectly to match the motif of your other bridesmaids’ clothing.