Is it Rude To Ask a Girl Her Height?

Classically, there are a few questions that have been considered rude to ask a woman since practically the dawn of time (or at least the birth of modern society), including her height. 

But, is it still rude to ask a girl her height in the 21st century? Read on below and discover the intriguing answer!

Is it Rude to Ask a Girl Her Height?

Asking a girl what her height is has been considered rude for centuries, and is still so considered up to this day. That said, with the rise of the internet, and communicating with people from a distance versus face-to-face, the level of rudeness associated with the question is not as high as it was once upon a time.

How Rude Is it?


Asking a girl her height rates 5 out of 10 on the rude meter. Traditionally, it is not a gentlemanly thing to ask a woman her height. 

Twenty-five years ago, let alone fifty, asking a girl her height would have ranked 10 out of 10 on our meter.

However, as the world turns, and evolves, the question is becoming less and less offensive. 

Why is it Rude?

It has traditionally been viewed as rude to ask a girl her height, age, and other personal or intimate details that she does not offer up to you herself. 

In most cultures, you simply do not ask such things, rather you find them out if and when the circumstances present themselves (such as once you’ve been dating for a while or got married).

Only in the case that a girl urges you to ask her all the personal questions you want, and you can tell she really means it, is it considered 100 percent not rude to ask about her height.

Other Options to Do Instead

Here are a few other options to do instead of outright asking a girl what her height is:

  • Comment on their posts or pictures (tell them how tall they look)
  • Mention how tall you are (and see if they offer up their own height)
  • Ask them to play the “hot or cold” guessing game (and try to guess her age)

Common Questions

Why do guys ask girls their height?

The main reason a lot of guys ask girls their height is to put together a visual in their heads. The truth is, statistically, guys don’t care much about the height of their partner. Women, on the other hand, historically prefer a taller partner.

How do you nicely ask someone their height?

Asking someone how tall they are isn’t exactly the taboo it once was, you can simply ask them point-blank. However, that doesn’t mean you should ask every person you’re interested in what their height is. It also does not mean that are obligated to answer you.

What height do people prefer in their partners?

Generally speaking, men prefer a partner that is close to their own height (give or take a few inches), or don’t prefer a particular height at all, while women prefer a partner that is taller (whether just slightly taller or much taller, is a personal preference).