About Us

Welcome to RudeMeter.com! We are here to help you determine whether certain behaviors are rude or socially acceptable. Our mission is to provide an in-depth analysis of various social situations and help individuals make informed decisions about their behavior.

At Rudemeter, we understand that social interactions can be tricky and difficult to navigate. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive system that allows you to quickly and accurately gauge the level of rudeness in different situations. Our system takes into account a variety of factors such as the cultural context, the people involved, and the type of interaction.

Our team has spent many years researching and gathering vital data from different cultures around the world. We’ve also consulted experts in anthropology, sociology, psychology, and other related fields to ensure accuracy and reliability in our findings. With this information, we have compiled a database containing millions of data points that can be used to predict how people might respond to certain situations.

Furthermore, RudeMeter offers an advanced algorithm that uses machine learning technology to analyze your input data and give detailed feedback on its rudeness score. Our algorithm can also make recommendations on how you can modify your behavior for better results in the future.

At RudeMeter we strive to create a safe space for users who want honest assessments of their social interactions without being judged or criticized by others. We believe that everyone should have access to information that will enable them to become more aware of their own behavior in social settings as well as those around them so they can make better decisions when interacting with others.

We hope our service will benefit individuals seeking guidance on how they should act in specific situations while also providing necessary education on proper etiquette across different cultures. We invite you to join us on our mission towards promoting civility and politeness in our global society!